NLS Administrator updated the Payoff Notice Report's Logo Filename with a local folder, i.e. c:\user\name\NLSfiles\logojpg, and when Displaying Report the Logo prints as expected for NLS Admin, or the user on the local workstation, however for all other users the Logo does not print.

For all users be able to access the Logo, NLS recommend to create a Network drive (i.e. v:) mapped to same location. Then add the Logo Filename path as v:\logo.jpg in the parameter, and the logo will print for everyone.

It is also why our customers typically have one person assigned to process Reports and Statements. Their drive mapping won’t change, their parameter values won’t change, and the logo will always appear just fine. If that person is sick or on vacation so someone else needs to process statements, they need to make sure they are pointing to the same place for the logo.

This applied to any NLS Reports and Statement with Logo Filename capability.